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Graduate School Time Limit

How Many Courses Can I Take at One Time?

If you're a typical student working full-time, we strongly recommend registering for no more than one course per term. While some students have successfully navigated two courses in the same term, it is difficult. Taking a class in the first term of a semester and another in the second term of that semester is feasible if you are able to plan ahead for the three weeks of overlap between the two classes.

Is There a Time Limit to Finish a Certificate or Degree?

The certificate programs offered by Penn State Online Geospatial Education do not have a time limit for completion. Those who complete a certificate program and subsequently gain admission to one of our master's degree programs may count up to 15 credits earned in nondegree status toward that degree. To be eligible for transfer, academic work must have been completed within five years prior to the date of first degree registration at the Graduate School of Penn State.

The master's degree programs offered by Penn State Online Geospatial Education each take approximately two to three years to complete if a student takes one class per 10-week session.

The Graduate School allows eight years for completion of the MGIS and MS SDS degrees.
All degree requirements for the MPS in Homeland Security must be met within five years of admission to degree status.

The Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin of the Graduate School is an important source of information. Please read it thoroughly.